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Upcoming Class and Lectures

Sharee will expand her venues internationally September 18, for “Ten Gardens and a Flower Show” at the Algarve Garden Club, Portugal. After spending three days in members’ gardens, Portugal will be added to her growing list of international design inspiration talks. November 14, she takes Temple-Ambler Arboretum to the opposite side of the globe with a favorite topic “Japanese Garden Design (Stroll Gardens of the Edo Period 1600-1868).

In winter, she will be teaching a session at Morris Arboretum, Tuesday, December 4, “Perennial and Shrub Maintenance for Professionals,” good for 2 ISA CEU’s. She will share some picks that are really different at Delaware Valley University, January 3, 2019, SE PA Green Industry Conference, “New Perennials for 2019.”

This Stokesia in the garden at Penn State’s Landisville trial beds (https://agsci.psu.edu/research/ag-experiment-station/landisville/research/trial-gardens) was looking great to the monarchs and visitors alike.


The Rose of Saffron

The Rose of Saffron: The World’s Most Expensive Spice

by Sharee Solow

Some spices cut like a knife, but sultry saffron envelopes classic ingredients with an alluring color and scent that can be difficult to describe. Use a blindfold on your keenest gourmand and see if they can identify the taste and aroma of this ancient culinary additive! To this day, the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain, with a unique combination of soil and climate, celebrates a thriving tradition of cultivating the “rose of saffron.” With a little background information, you can savor and grow this revered spice of legendary heroes and gods. Easier to grow than vegetables, anyone with a sunny window or garden spot can have enough of this ancient luxury for cooking those golden fall dishes or perfuming a cup of tea. Sometimes called “red gold,” it shouldn’t be confused with often suggested substitutes like paprika or turmeric, there is no substitute for the real thing.

To see the entire magazine article in the most recent issue of Mediterranean Gardening and Outdoor Living, click the .pdf in my website under the tab “In the News”. Don’t worry, all four pages are in English.