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I’m Covered, PHS Grow Magazine

Did this cover shot remind you of my website? Photographer, Rob Cardillo, is to thank for the lovely photographs in this article with Adam Levine and Sari Harrar as editor and author. She did a wonderful job making sense of my diverse background. It is for sale through PHS at their usual outlets this spring and at the flower show through the end of the weekend. You can also join PHS and they will send it to you digitally or in a hard copy.

I am available for garden design lectures on a wide range of topics and can customize something to suit your needs.


Atami Plum Garden Festival

Two years ago today I was in Japan waiting for the Ume (Mume in the USA) to bloom. Finally, in the last week, I was able to enjoy this lovely walk through an iconic Japanese scene.

From their website: “Atami Plum Garden, famous for Japan’s earliest plum blossoms and latest autumn leaves since it was opened in 1886. It is the site of 454 trees of 60 species including a ancient plum tree more than 100 years old. You can enjoy it year round, not just in the plum blossom season.”